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Where You Can Find My Work Online

Amphibian Press: Book Reviews

Humans.Media: How You Can Spring Clean Your Love Life

Self Publishing Formula: Attract Instagram Followers

From 2007 to 2016 I wrote for, which (for part of that time) was a New York Times Company. Soon after my contract ended, About ported over some of my content to LiveAbout, and then MyDomaine. Here are my favorite pieces that made the cut:

Copywriting Samples:

Older Articles I’ve Written, Pre-2010

BC Jobs: Top 5 Employee Hiring Mistakes


2018 – Content Marketing Mastery Certification; Digital Marketer

2018 – Email Marketing Mastery Certification; Digital Marketer

2018 – Search Marketing Specialist Certification; Digital Marketer

2018 – Customer Value Optimization Specialist Certification; Digital Marketer

2012 – Scriptwriters Bootcamp; The Film School, Seattle

1998 – 2001 – New Media and Business Administration; College of the Rockies

1996-1997 – Certificate in Counseling Skills; Counselor Training Institute

Odds & Ends

2009: Single Mom Seeking is so happy with my positive mention of her single mommy dating blog she uses the quote on her advertise with me page. Ten years later, I’m still there!

Harrisburg Area Community College – MGMT 121 – Fall 2009
My Business Plan Financials series was used as reading material for this class. Thanks to Joe Plebani, CPA Candidate and Accounting Professor for requesting permission to use the materials.

Lumen Learning, Small Business Management – Chapter 7, Marketing
I’m quoted a few times in the Positioning section via Suite101.

7.4 Differentiation and Positioning