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As a child, Bonny helped her parents run an annual “Junque Sale” where they sold antiques, curios and yard sale items from their driveway. Hundreds of people from around the area would congregate to purchase odds and ends, and Bonny frequently was given the responsibility of cash handling. As she matured, her business experience and interests grew. Before she’d hit her 20th birthday, Bonny had already won the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award, managed a chain store for a multi-national company, and pursued post secondary studies in both journalism and business.

In the ensuing years, Bonny managed several large businesses, with the intention of one day running her own. The opportunity arose with the birth of her first child when she started selling children’s clothing through a party plan company. Although the company wasn’t able to sustain the business idea, Bonny’s entrepreneurial interests were piqued. Since then, Bonny has run several of her own business ventures while teaching and mentoring other entrepreneurs how to start their own businesses.

Bonny has ghostwritten hundreds of eBooks, so although she can`t list many of her projects here, she is an often sought-after ghostwriter in the business and online marketing fields. Bonny is also the author of eBook Ghostwriting for Profit, Getting Your Business Online, and The Path To Online Sales in 30 Days or Less.

Business and Entrepreneurship Clips – Listed By Date Published

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Courses & Teaching

Harrisburg Area Community College – MGMT 121
They used my Business Plan Financials series, previously published on Suite101 as reading material for this class. Thanks to Joe Plebani, CPA Candidate and Accounting Professor, for requesting permission to use the materials.

Lumen Learning, Small Business Management – Chapter 7, Marketing
I’m quoted a few times in the Positioning section via Suite101.

Folsom Lake College – BUS350: Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship
I’m quoted in Chapter 9, Section 2.5, Differentiation and Positioning.