I work at the intersection of data, content, and leadership.

What does that mean, exactly?

I consider myself primarily a data-driven writer and helper of people. On any given day, I could be learning about spacial analysis in R, mentoring aspiring content marketers, serving as Editrix-in-Chief of a new startup, and consulting for a reality dating TV show.

In ‘past lives’, I’ve served as a chocolatier, swim coach, social worker, entrepreneurship educator, the real-world Carrie Bradshaw, clown, SEO instructor, ecommerce website developer, mystery dinner party theatre game writer, and ghostwrote several books about all manner of fun things like baby names and the day-to-day life of a reality star.

Get comfy, pull up a chair, take a peek around.

Maybe you’re looking for a sample of my writing or editorial work? Here you go.

Or, perhaps my SEO portfolio? Courses? A quick Q&A?

Or wait, you’ve got questions, right? Then feel free to shoot me an email at bonny AT bonnyalbo DOT com.