Ooh, goody! My favorite place to share what's up in my world. Glad you asked.

After a series of losses in the fall of 2014, I felt moved to get moving and travel. Fast forward almost two years and I became a citizen of the world. A nomad. A writer and speaker with no fixed home, although as someone once said to me, "Why do I need a home? There's a tree right there where I can rest my head".

What follows is my travel schedule, with only a city/town and country that I'll be in. This changes often, and may also include speaking engagements, live workshops, and retreats.

If you want more information, or a note when this gets updated (it's okay, I encourage nosiness!) sign up for my newsletter. You'll get occasional updates of where I am and what I'm working on, as well as ways to connect and potentially support one another.

As an example, if I'm planning to visit a certain area but have yet to meet anyone that lives there, I'll likely share in a newsletter and ask for very specific connections. Or, if I'm releasing an online workshop (yes, I am!), I'll ask for beta testers to help me get out the kinks. I also receive a lot of fun things to try (food, apps, exercises to help folks connect) that I may want some help with.

You? Yes, you! I love your help, your challenge, your support.

Other ways to keep abreast of my news and location? Feel free to connect with me on TripIt (a travel tracking app), Steepster (think Facebook for tea lovers), TrustedHousesitters (yes, I housesit - use my link and you'll get 20% off), or Yelp.